With Chivalry, With Honor, With Fame

1903 – 1919 Scale R/C Challenge & Fly-In

Adjudicated Static Display, Flight Competition & Fun Fly

January 29-31, 2016


Presented by Sanford Aeromodelers RC Club

2745 West State Road 46

Geneva, Florida 32732

Achtung! Achtung!

Our last major air offensive, Operation Blue Max, was aborted due to inclement weather. The Kaiser is once again calling on all of the brave airmen in the German service, as well as those of our faithful Austro-Hungarian allies to assemble together in order to launch an tangojulietphotography.comoffensive in the skies over Britain. These hostilities are against the combined aerial forces of the British, French, American and their allies, who have marshaled their efforts recently against us! Now, we will launch a massive invasion in their airspace! Our intercepts from the aerodrome indicate that this assault against the Allies should be scheduled for 29 January thru 31 January, 2016 in the Sanford, Florida combat sector, over the aerodrome at Sanford Aero Modelers!     ~ General Major Mike Celeskey, Commanding ~

Attention Allied Pilots!

Intelligence has just received a message from Sanford Aeromodelers Aerodrome command stating that a German attack is imminent! All Allied pilots are to report to SAM Aerodrome by the 29th of January, 2016. The weather interrupted our plans for the previous campaign in January 2015, but we have high hopes for atmospheric cooperation this time around. tangojulietphotography.comGerman hostilities are planning an attack against us and our allies. We must now come together and protect our skies over our homeland and fight off the aggressors! The time is now to turn back the Jastas and protect our airspace. The time is now TO GO HUN HUNTING and beat them back to old Berlin! Tally Ho!!!!!     ~ Lieutenant Commander Scott Lee, Commanding ~

QUESTIONS? Contact Scott Lee @ 321-377-3840

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